Drs Griffith guest lecture regularly for a number of courses at Washington University School of Medicine including Special Topics in Molecular Genetics: Molecular Basis of Cancer (BIO5288), Genetics and Genomics of Disease (BIO5487), Human Linkage and Association (M21-5483/L41-5483), and Genomics in Medicine I/II (M17-532/533). Drs Griffith also coordinate the Cancer Informatics Journal Club (L41-BIOL5499) and Dr Obi Griffith is course master for Genomics in Medicine. Furthermore, the Griffith Lab is deeply committed to providing open source educational resources to aid the bioinformatics community. To this end we maintain online courses and deliver periodic workshops (see below). Furthermore, we and many members of the lab are actively engaged in community forums such as BioStars.

Online Courses

  1. rnaseq.wiki - Informatics for RNA-seq: A web resource for analysis on the cloud.
    Educational tutorials and working pipelines for RNA-seq analysis including an introduction to: cloud computing, critical file formats, reference genomes, gene annotation, expression, differential expression, alternative splicing, data visualization, and interpretation.
  2. genviz.org - Genomic Data Visualization and Interpretation.
    In-depth tutorials for the interpretation and visualization of omic data including: genome browsing and interpretation, introduction to BioMart, liftover, ProteinPaint, COSMIC, introduction to R, ggplot2, R Markdown, Shiny, GenVisR, differential expression and pathway analysis, variant annotation and interpretation, and others.

Recent and Upcoming Workshops

  1. PR Informatics - Precision Medicine Bioinformatics: From raw genome and transcriptome data to clinical interpretation, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
  2. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Courses - Advanced Sequencing Technologies & Applications, New York, Nov 7-18, 2017
  3. Physalia Courses - Genomic Data Visualization and Interpretation, Berlin, Sept 11-15, 2017
  4. Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops - Informatics for RNA-Seq Analysis, Toronto, July 10-12, 2017